November Beta Changes

Hi everyone!

This is a relatively big update - I'm merging all of the changes made to GenBrush in November into the public release here on Itch!

My Beta Testers on Patreon voted for a few cool features last month. Key on that list was the new water system, which sees an end to the old way water was handled. Water is now handled via a dedicated water source map and is shaded very differently. No longer do you need to have biome mapping enabled to have water on a map. Water is persistent across all rendering types!

Water is now also interacted with by all of the erosion tools! Water is deposited by the flow erosion tool, and evaporated by the wind erosion tool.

I've also been chipping away at bug fixes, quality of life improvements, cool new filters (like grid filters for you tabletop players) and other stuff. I had a few reports that the tectonics tool was causing crashes on certain hardware, which I'm hoping I've resolved.

You guys are amazing, I hope you enjoy the new updates and shiny rendering!


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Dec 02, 2019

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