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Need a new tutorial when it comes to Biome painting.


 can you make a demo ver with removed things for free


Like No Saves!

Hi. Is this still actively developed ?

I'm still around to help people via Discord and fix critical bugs, but the program isn't being added to. There's plenty I could add, but I'm currently putting myself through university and my focus is elsewhere. I'm slowly building a better version of the software using better practices and more modern tools, but there's no ETA on it at this stage.

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone heard from him if there was any plan on continuing working on this when he starts having more spare time in the future?

Also, all the discord links I've found so far happened to be dead. Does anyone still have an active invite link?

Hello! I just downloaded GenBrush and was really excited to start, but for some reason it's not letting me draw anything. The tools bar is empty and nothing I click actually does anything; is there any way to fix or return this?

Sorry, I realize this wasn't clear; I can select tools, but when I use them nothing happens. Not sure what the issue is, but the canvas is dark and blank and nothing I do actually draws

Hi there. You need to create a new document. I recommend watching the tutorials, or joining the Discord for help.

This looks like a very handy tool!

I see a lot of rocky screenshots, but can it somehow be used to create sand and ice deserts, which are more like planes?


Hey there,

It certainly can, although the system for texturing those is a little bit janky if I'm totally honest. New version should be coming around the new year that aims to solve a lot of those problems. though :)

Good to hear!

My use-case is creating a map (for in-game level selection) with both mountains and deserts at once (not completely flat, maybe a bit wavy at times). I'm not an artist to create textures myself, this is why I'm looking at this tool in the first place :)

If I buy the current version do I also get the update to next version and further updates for free?


You would, although if you're buying it now in the hope that future updates will suit your needs, I'd wait until you can see them so you can be sure.

Got it, thanks!


Hello! I just received an email which says this tool has been updated, I'm just wondering what is new 

Hi! It's just a small fix that helps Linux users - a file has been included that reportedly prevents the middle mouse button and a couple of others from being recognised properly. Libraries in Linux are often different than Windows, and it helps sort that out :)

Hey, given the lack of news, I was wondering if this program is still being supported and developed.

Hey there!

I am, though I haven't had much of a chance recently because I've started a new degree. My exams ended a couple of weeks ago, I've been working on updating the engine and implementing multi-threading (which may lead to Mac support). Hopefully I'll get a bit done over the next month while I'm on break! :)


Hello, I recently bought GenBrush and I saw a politics tab, so I have a few questions regarding it. #1. Is it like the name suggests a mapmode that displays all the countries or something along those lines?  #2. Does this tab work? and #3. If it does how do I use it? 

So question: I started a map using an imported heightmap. I want the sea level to be 0.5 like usual, but it seems my heightmap is slightly off having sea level at 0.509 how can I just slightly adjust this either by lowering a thin layer or by normalizing with some weird settings?


Hey there! There are a few solutions. The easiest is probably to take the Leveller tool, set the Blend Mode to Divide, then set the Value to 1.018 - that should squash everything down so that everything at 0.509 becomes 0.5. Either that, or you can just adjust your gradient so that the ocean colours start slightly higher. If you're using water maps, you could also simply fill your water table slightly higher so the water appears in the right place.


I'm really interested. However, I would like to try a demo before I buy it.


Hey there. I don't have a demo set up, but you're more than welcome to join our Discord server and peruse the galleries and tutorial videos if you want to make a more informed decision about buying it. My Twitter feed is also full of screenshots. I've also built a benchmarking tool designed to test your PC if you'd like to know how well it would run.


Is there a tutorial?


Yes! I've recorded a 3 part beginners guide explaining the broad strokes. There are some other resources on the Discord server, but this is the most comprehensive:

It doesn't cover everything, this is just the basics. I'll be creating a wiki along with my beta testers this month hopefully!

Thanks by the way, you've reminded me that I need to post this series up on the main page!

That is more than well!